14th Woodstoke Festival 2019

Feb. 9 2019.

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These are photos of the Anagama and RHP Groundhog firings at Kiln Walk.

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In January of 2019, the Society loaded and fired the two renown Kiln Walk kilns and, on Feb. 8, 2019, the finished, still warm pots were unloaded at the WoodStoke Festival!

Location: Gulf Coast Kiln Walk site in Holley, Navarre.

The Anagama kiln is the largest in the state of Florida, and the Ralph Howard Phillips Southern Groundhog kiln is the only 1940‘s era wood-fueled kiln in the state.

The Woodstoke Festival is free and open to the public. The two wood-firing kilns will be unloaded and the newly wood-fired pots will be on display as they are removed from the kilns. Some pots will be available to purchase and there will be food for all! Please plan to join us!

To learn about the Woodstoke Festival sponsors please click this link.