Announces the
14th Woodstoke Festival
Saturday, February 9th, 2019
Masayoshi Shimizu

Bottle by Masayoshi Shimizu Masayoshi Shimizu in his workshop

The Gulf Coast Kiln Walk Society (GCKWS) is proud to host master ceramic artist Masayoshi Shimizu from Japan in January and February of 2019. For more information about Mr. Shimizu and his visit and schedule of activities, please click this link. Mr. Shimizu will also participate in the 14th Annual Woodstoke Festival.

14th Woodstoke Pottery & Kiln Festival    
Sat. Feb. 9, 2019 Start: 9:00 AM  
Kiln Walk, Navarre FL

On February 9th, 2019, GCKWS, with Mr. Shimizu, will host the Woodstoke Festival at Kiln Walk. It is free and open to the public. The Anagama kiln is the largest in the state of Florida, and the Ralph Howard Phillips Southern Groundhog kiln is the only 1940-s era wood-fueled kiln in the state.

Starting at 9:00 AM, the two wood-firing kilns will be unloaded and the newly wood-fired pots will be on display as they are removed from the kilns. Some pots will be available to purchase and there will be food for all! Party Dude! Please plan to join us! Click for Google directions to the Kiln Walk site in Navarre.

Yes it is free, but please Donate and / or Join! web-store to buy admission, membership, kilnspace and maybe t-shirts!

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To learn about the sponsors of Mr. Shimizu's visit, please click this link.

Potters, stokers and firing participants can find more schedule information on the 2019 Events webpage(click).

The Woodstoke Festival is organized and sponsored by

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